Q: Where can I find the list of currently available properties?

You can find a list of currently available properties by contacting Dan Ridenour:  mayor@cityofmuncie.com

Q: Are these Residential Program properties only for homeowners?

Yes. Fifty percent of all housing units in Muncie are rentals. We are encouraging and promoting homeowner-occupied units.

Q: How much do these properties cost?

Properties vary in price, but the minimum Muncie Redevelopment Commission (MRC) will accept for a Residential property is $2500. This cost covers the money invested in the property, such as appraisals, legal notices, legal fees, and mowing.

Q: I am interested in acquiring a property. What should I do first?

First, look through MRC’s Policy & Procedure Manual to find more information on available programs, how they work, and their requirements. Second, look at our map of available properties. Third, fill-out the appropriate application.

Please contact Dan Ridenour if you have any questions or would like to visit a property.

Q: How does the MRC acquire properties?

A majority of MRC’s properties are acquired through the Delaware County Tax Sale, as assigned by the Delaware County Commissioners.

Q: I have a property I don’t want anymore. Can I donate it to the MRC?

Depending on the condition, location, and type of property, the MRC may be interested in acquiring your property. Please contact Dan Ridenour at mayor@cityofmuncie.com for more information.