Muncie Redevelopment Commission (MRC) is authorized to acquire and dispose of abandoned residential properties. This Policy and Procedure Manual (Manual) attempts to compile programs and tools the City of Muncie through its Muncie Redevelopment Commission can use to provide opportunities for these abandoned properties.

The programs and tools outlined in this Manual are to be administered by MRC with recommendations and advice of the Neighborhood Investment Committee (NIC) and the City of Muncie Community Development Director and his or her designated staff.

All programs and policies outlined in this Manual are based on current local, state, and federal law and decisions by MRC. Any changes to these laws or decisions by MRC will warrant an update of the programs and policies outlined in this Manual.

For the purposes of this Manual, the City defines "abandoned properties" as those properties that have not been used for a legal purpose for at least six (6) consecutive months and either 1) in the judgment of an enforcement authority, is in need of completion, rehabilitation, or repair, and completion, rehabilitation, or repair work has not taken place on the property for at least six (6) consecutive months; 2) on which at least one (1) installment of property taxes is delinquent; 3) that has been declared a public nuisance by a hearing authority; 4) that has been declared in writing to be abandoned by the owner, including an estate or a trust that possesses the property; or 5) on which a municipal lien has remained unpaid for at least one (1) year. IC 36-7-36.

PLEASE NOTE: All of these MRC programs require a transfer of the abandoned property titles to the MRC first in order for the abandoned property to then be eligible for disposition by the MRC program.

For more information, please contact:

Zane Bishop
MRC Residential Administrator

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