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Muncie's Rental Advocacy Book: THE RENTER'S BOOK

In many cases, tenants feel that they are at a disadvantage in many rental situations. In some
situations, while appearing as a loss, may actually favor or benefit tenants, but a lack of
accessible knowledge or familiarity with state and local laws, allows tenants to give the landlord,
or management company, the upper hand. In addition, landlords, or management companies,
are often more informed regarding the obligations specified by the Indiana Code. However, this
does not mean that there are not abuses of power. The purpose of THE RENTER'S BOOK is to provide
both tenants and landlords, in the city of Muncie, Indiana with information regarding their rights
and obligations under Indiana landlord-tenant law, and provide helpful resources within the

Solving Rental Disputes Without Legal Action

As a tenant or landlord you can save time and money by deciding to use court-based mediation for your eviction case.

Eviction Mediation Graphic (text provided above)

for more information, or to enroll in the mediation program contact:

Delaware County, Indiana

Delaware County Court Administrator

Rental Assistance thru Indiana Housing Now


Emergency Rental Assistance

If you’re a renter having trouble paying your rent, utilities, or other housing costs – or if you’re a landlord trying to stay afloat with tenants in this situation – help may be available. State and local programs are distributing billions of dollars in rental assistance to help renters stay housed during the pandemic.

Visit the CFPB’s Rental Assistance Finder to find out what this means for you and what you can do. The CFPB’s site also includes resources to help renters and landlords understand other resources to help navigate various financial hardships related to the pandemic.

COVID Rental Relief

Rental Eviction Step-by-Step Guide

The federal eviction moratorium expires this week and millions are at risk of losing their homes. This step-by-step guidance can help:


FHA COVID-19 Forbearance Relief

If you are struggling to make your mortgage payment on your FHA-insured mortgage because of COVID-19, help is available. Here are the steps you should take now.

Contact your mortgage servicer and request a COVID-9 forbearance. When working with your servicer, you should:

1) State that you are having a financial hardship due to COVID-19. You will not be required to provide documentation of this hardship;
2) Request a COVID-19 Forbearance for your mortgage payments;
3) Ask your servicer to confirm the details of your agreement in writing.

For help talking to your mortgage servicer or understanding your options, contact a HUD-approved housing counseling agency in your area.

Are you on an FHA COVID-19 Forbearance Plan that expired on July 31st? You may be eligible for more assistance. Please reach out to your mortgage servicer today. Learn more at:

Keep Your HomeMortgage Relief