Daily Launch (motorized) - $10.00
Annual Launch(motorized) - $100.00
Daily Non-Motor- $5.00
Annual Non-Motor- $40.00
Daily Bank permit- $3.00
Annual bank permit- $15.00

With the approximately 1275 acres of water, Prairie Creek offers a big lake experience close to home! Following are a list of rules we ask all patrons to follow.

  1. All watercraft equipped with a motor must have CURRENT registration numbers and stickers.
  2. Boat operators must possess a valid driver’s license.
  3. One USCG approved wearable personal flotations device is required for each person on board the vessel.
  4. Watercraft longer than 16 feet(except canoes and kayaks) must have a USCG approved Type IV “throwable” personal flotation device on board.
  5. The speed limit at Prairie Creek Reservoir is 20 MPH. The hours between sunset and sunrise, the speed limit is reduced to 10 MPH. “Idle speed” only within 200 feet of the shoreline.
  6. Tubing is permitted SOUTH of Huffman creek ONLY.
  7. Tubing requires at least 3 people: The driver, the spotter, and the person tubing.
  8. Wakeboarding/knee boarding are permitted in the tubing area.(20 MPH still applies)
  9. Water skiing is not permitted.
  10. Jet Skis are NOT permitted on Prairie Creek Reservoir.
  11. An Indiana State fishing license is required.
  12. The piers at Prairie Creek are leased. Daily launch patrons are not permitted to use them for any amount of time.
  13. Trot lines and limb lines are not permitted.
  14. A daily or yearly permit must be purchased for launching.
  15. Yearly launch passes must be purchased in the office.
  16. During business hours, a daily launch pass can be purchased from the office. After hours, please use the “Self Check-in” on the east side of the park office.
  17. Daily passes from either the office or self check-in must be placed in dash of tow vehicle for security to verify.
  18. A daily or annual bank permit is required to fish anywhere from the bank.
  19. Fishing permitted on public property only.
  20. All docks are leased, fishing is not permitted off of docks.
  21. Bank permits can be purchased at our office. After hours, please use the “Self Check-in” on the east side of the park office.

Courteous and respectful behavior among guests is highly encouraged so that everyone can enjoy their visit to Prairie Creek Park!