About Prairie Creek

Prairie Creek makes owning a boat more convenient than ever. We offer 740 dock slips, 58 mooring slips and 16 flotation slips. This enables you to leave your boat in the water from May to October! However, since Prairie Creek is one of few reservoirs in the area that offer this amenity, there is an extremely high demand for slips. The park has a system in which makes the process most fair for everyone to obtain a dock for the season.

If you lease a dock the previous year, you will get invoiced for the dock and have the option to keep the dock you had before. If the fees are not paid by the due date, that dock is then available for those that entered the lottery.

In order to obtain a dock, the boat registered to the dock must be the title holder of the boat. Proof of registration may be required upon lease signing. Subleasing is strictly prohibited.

Muncie Sailing Club

Prairie Creek is also home to the Muncie Sailing Club. They offer seasonal docks for sailboats as well. Please visit www.sail-msc.com for more information.

For commonly asked questions on rules and requirements, please see the frequently asked questions section.

In-City – $425

County/Surrounding county - $475

Out of surrounding county - $575

  • Include “Dock location map”