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Who is responsible for cleaning snow filled streets?
The City of Muncie Street Department clears all public streets. There are, however, several streets within the city limits which are private and therefore the responsibility of private contractors or fall under the jurisdiction and maintenance of Yorktown, Delaware County Highway or the Indiana Department of Transportation. City of Muncie Street Department crews work in 8-hour shifts, unless on overtime/call outs. Using 13 snow plows 2 F-550’s equipped with a plow and salt spreader. Guidelines list priority streets based on traffic volume and necessity to move emergency traffic through that area.
When does the City of Muncie begin preparing for a snow event?
The City of Muncie Street Department uses local and national weather forecasts to determine when we will call in employees. We use an additive in our salt to adhere the salt to our roads preventing them from becoming slick.
Which streets are plowed first?
The City of Muncie Street Department follows a priority plowing system for approximately 350.7 lane miles of streets. Our crew's first priority is to keep primary streets clear. When this is accomplished they will move on to secondary and alternate streets. Primary - Main thoroughfares, classified as arterials, hills and bridges. Secondary - Main streets through subdivisions, roads that link arterials and streets with schools. Alternates - Minor residential streets, side streets and cul-de-sac.
Does the city plow alleys?
Who clears sidewalks and driveways?
Each is the responsibility of residents and property owners. Residents should shovel snow into the yard, not into the street. Putting snow onto the street is against the law because it causes dangerously slippery conditions for both motorists and pedestrians. Avoid double shoveling by waiting until after your street has been plowed to clear your driveway. Depositing some snow in private driveways is unavoidable for the plow trucks when plowing city streets. Plow drivers make every effort to keep the amount of snow deposited into driveways to a minimum.
Do all city streets get salted/plowed?
All mains and secondaries city streets will receive salt whenever necessary to provide for safe travel during snow events. Along with salt, the City of Muncie utilizes salt brine to prevent the adhesion of snow to the street surface. Neighborhoods will be salted/plowed when we accumulate over 6 inches of snow.
Results 1-6 of 6