About This Location

Serving the Riverside/Normal City Neighborhood, Tuhey Park is located along White River Blvd. and White River Greenway on the north side of the High St. Bridge. North St. divides a small part of the park containing the parking lot, a picnic shelter, picnic tables, a playground, and informal openspace off to the north. To the south is a formal openspace lined with benches and trees, a historic bathhouse used for storage, a pool and splash pad, a new bathhouse with office space, snack bar and locker-room facilities, new playground equipment known as Tuhey Towers and informal open space. Initially, two of the tennis courts were converted into a skate park with multiple wooden ramps. Though this was a well used facility where skateboards and trick bikers mixed without incident, the area was locked and the ramps were demolished during 2008. In the next few years, all four tennis courts, the baseball diamond and fencing were removed. Tuhey Towers was installed west of the pool. Additional on-street parking and a bike lane were delineated along North St.


  • Picnic Shelter
  • Picnic Tables
  • Playground
  • Open Space