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About This Location

Serving the Southside Neighborhood, Cooley Park is located to the southeast of the intersection of 23rd St. and Mock Ave. Developed in 1974, this park offers a baseball diamond, a basketball court, a picnic table, and playground equipment that are spaced throughout the park along a paved semi-circular path that dissects the property from the southwest to the northeast. Small hills line the path and provide semi-private areas for the various facilities. Two parking lots provide buffers for the park from the bordering roads. Access to the parking lots is available at the northeast corner and the southwest corner, with both lots emptying at the street intersection to the northwest. A concession stand and restrooms are provided. The playground equipment spaced throughout the site (including swings, a merry-go-round, a slide and a sand box) are open to play. The original baseball field was almost the size of an official major league baseball field with the foul line extending over 280’ from the home plate to the outfield fence.

In the last five years, the size of the baseball field was reduced. The size is now reflective of a Mustang League Baseball Field with the foul line extending roughly 184’ from the home plate to the outfield fence; this is slightly smaller than a little league baseball field which should measure a minimum of 200’ from the home plate to the outfield fence along the foul line. (Mustang league baseball is baseball for kids ages 9 & 10.) In the area where the baseball out field was reduced, a new playground was installed.


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