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About This Location

Serving the Southside Neighborhood, this park has been leased from the Ball Corporation. Residential homes line the southern boundary. Macedonia Ave., a primary arterial road, runs along the eastern boundary separating the park from the adjoining neighborhood; a connector trail to the Cardinal Greenway is less than 150’ north of the park entrance. Additional property owned by Ball Corp. creates the northern and western boundary of the park.

Ball Community Park offers plentiful parking on its northeast side. A basketball court is in fair condition. A picnic shelter with picnic tables is centrally located in the park. A crushed stone walking path encircles the park. Benches are located along the path. Large open spaces for spontaneous play are available. Light poles and electrical outlets are provided. While the maintenance of this park needs attention, there were designated areas for a baseball diamond and volleyball courts. Located near the picnic shelter is an old traditional Murdock water fountain. Additionally, there is a wooden map of the park. The location of the parks amenities are carved into the sign.


  • Picnic Shelter
  • Basketball