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Black History Month 2021

About the Department 


The hard work and determination of many concerned citizens throughout the Muncie Community resulted in the creation of the Muncie Human Rights Commission (MHRC) on February 12, 1964 with the passing of Ordinance 1627. Because of this, along with increased powers and duties since its inception, MHRC has been able to work for ALL segments of the Muncie Community to ensure equal opportunity for all citizens.


It is the public policy of the City of Muncie to provide all of its citizens equal opportunity in education, public accommodations, and housing discrimination based on race, religion, sex, disability, color or national origin is an impediment to equal opportunity. The practice of denying these civil rights to properly qualified persons solely on the basis of race, religion, sex, disability, color or national origin is contrary to the principals of freedom and equality of opportunity and is a burden to the objective of the public policy of this City of Muncie and shall be considered discriminatory practices.

About the Commissioners

The Muncie Human Rights Commission is comprised of community volunteers who are representative of the various religious, educational, ethnic, and disabled groups in our community. Each Commissioner must be a registered voter and a resident of the City of Muncie. He/she is appointed by the Mayor or common council to serve a three-year term.

Powers and Duties

So as to enforce the Muncie Human Rights ordinance, which protects the civil rights of ALL Muncie citizens, MHRC is granted certain powers. Several of these include:

  • Investigate, conciliate and hear complaints. Make findings and recommendations, issue cease and desist orders.
  • Provide protection from retaliation for any person who has filed a complaint, testified in any hearing before the commission, or assisted in any other was in any matter under investigation.

How to File a Complaint

If you believe you have been discriminated against on the basis of race, sex, religion, disability, color or national origin, you may file a complaint by contacting the MHRC office by email or stopping by the office and filling out an intake form. After we review the preliminary complaint to determine if MHRC has jurisdiction, the investigator will then instruct you on your next steps. If MHRC does not have jurisdictional rights for your complaint, we will then file your complaint with either the Indiana Civil Rights Commission (ICRC), HUD (Housing complaints) or Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (Employment complaints).