The Vacant and/or Abandoned Ordinance was adopted by the City of Muncie December 2021. 

Under this ordinance, the City can order an owner of a vacant and/or abandoned property to register with the Building Commissioner's office and required a for repairs of the property according to the standards set by the City and to become occupied. The registration is required for a property annually until the property is no longer vacant and/or abandoned.

ALL NEW registration orders: issued by Enforcement Authority (EA) of the Building Commissioner's office, shall incur a $100 registration fee.

   (E) Registration Fee. 3 a.

    • 30 days after the EA order, the fee increases to $300
    • 90 days after the EA order (initial 30+60 days), the fee increases to $500
    • 150 days after the EA order (initial 30+120 days), the matter shall be referred to the Unsafe Building Hearing Authority (UBHA).

  Fee schedule for REGISTRATION

     (E) Registration Fee. 3 b.

    • January 1st to May 10th     -        No Renewal Fee
    • May 11th to June 9th         -        $100 Renewal Fee
    • June 10th to July 9th          -        $300 Renewal Fee
    • July 10th to Sept. 7th         -        $500 Renewal Fee
    • After September 8th          -         Referred to UBHA